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Proprioceptive Rehabilitation

Proprioceptive Rehabilitation is offered by Dr. Jeffrey Tuling at both our Stratford and St. Marys locations.

What is Proprioceptive Rehabilitation?

A combination of Proprioceptive-Rehabilitative Exercise and Physical Therapy:

It has been shown that regular exercise is essential and a necessary component for good health. In the realm of physical and proprioceptive rehabilitation, exercise is a critical component to attaining freedom from pain due to injury or increasing functional movement with work, sport, and activities of daily living.  Dr. Tuling routinely prescribes rehabilitative / proprioceptive exercise within treatment programmes. Each patient receives the most effective and safe exercises unique to that individual's case.

Exercise prescriptions may consist of some of the following:

  • Proprioceptive-Balance training to teach your body its most efficient, balanced and stable position in space for optimal performance and functioning
  • Strengthening exercises to rehabilitate the injured or weakened muscles and the joints they influence
  • Work hardening, rotator cuff strengthening, dynamic scapular stabilization, and eccentric load training
  • Stretching exercises to promote flexibility within injured, or weakened muscles
  • Core-Stabilization exercises to help rehabilitate and train your nervous and muscular systems to coordinate safe and efficient movements
  • Cardiovascular exercise for general fitness, weight loss, and rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic advice and corrective exercises to combat postural strain
  • Professional advice on starting a safe and effective exercise program

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