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Electrotherapy is offered at both Stratford and St. Marys locations.

What is Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy involves the application of a therapeutic electrical current to the area of injury, inflammation, dysfunction, or pain. The selection of the appropriate therapeutic current is based on a number of factors including the nature, severity, and duration of your complaint. The application of therapeutic electrical current aims to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce painful symptoms and release the body's natural painkilling┬áchemicals
  • Reduce local swelling and inflammation
  • Promote normal muscular tone
  • Promote normal nervous system functioning in areas of dysfunction
  • Restore normal movements
  • Increase circulation and blood flow to accelerate the healing process

Electrotherapy is an effective treatment technique that is commonly employed in many progressive rehabilitation centres. Therapeutic electrical currents available include Ultrasound (US), Direct Current (DC), Interferential Current (IFC), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Ultra-stimulation Current (UR), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), and Combination Therapy (Ultrasound and Direct Current). Most patients find electrotherapy to be very beneficial and describe the treatments as relaxing. Most complaints involving muscles, nerves, and joints such as ligament sprains, muscle strains and spasms respond very well to appropriately prescribed electrotherapy. Electrotherapy yields excellent results when used in conjunction with Myofascial Release techniques and standard chiropractic treatments and Rehabilitative Exercise Prescription.

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